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Catriona Rowntree


My First Job Supporter Catriona Rowntree

Channel 9’s Getaway host & former Business Review Weekly figures collector

You may know Catriona as the host of the Getaway program on Network Nine, but did you know she used to be a facts and figures collector as a researcher for BRW?

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Commando Steve


My First Job Supporter Commando Steve

Trainer & former newspaper delivery boy

You may know Steve as Commando Steve on Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser, but did you know he used to wrap and deliver newspapers?

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John Steffensen


My First Job Supporter John Steffensen

Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletics medallist & former cabinet maker

You may know John as an Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletics medallist, but did you know he entered the workforce as a cabinet maker apprentice?

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Rachael Leahcar


My First Job Supporter Rachael Leahcar


Singing and performing has been Rachael’s life ambition.

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Liza Emanuele


My First Job Supporter Liza Emanuele

Fashion designer & former Sportsgirl shop assistant

It Girl, Liza Emanuele is well known for her glamorous designer clothes, but did you know she started out as a shop assistant at Sportsgirl?

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Jane Reilly


My First Job Supporter Jane Reilly

Adelaide FIVEaa announcer & former baby sitter/pizza bar worker

You may know Jane as one of Australia's longest serving TV weather presenters, but her first jobs changing nappies as a baby sitter and filleting anchovy bones at a pizza bar, were much less glamorous.

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Leigh McClusky


My First Job Supporter Leigh McClusky

PR Consultant & former hospital cleaner

Who would think someone could start out cleaning hospital toilets and wards and end up as a highly successful television and radio personality? Former Today Tonight Adelaide host Leigh McClusky did just that.

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Shane Lowe


My First Job Supporter Shane Lowe

Nova Adelaide radio host & former newspaper delivery boy

You may know Shane as a Nova Adelaide Breakfast host, but did you know he used to wrap and deliver newspapers? 

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Paul Edginton


My First Job Supporter Paul Edginton

MFJ Supporter Paul Edginton SYC CEO & former storeman’s assistant

As CEO of SYC (Service to Youth Council), Paul is not expected to sweep floors or stack roofing tiles. But that’s what he did for his first job as a junior storeman’s assistant.

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