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james irwin

Posted 22.04.14

James started out assisting his dad's business as a tour hand and now he assists young people!
Geoff Wake

Posted 22.04.14

Geoff started off working in IGA supermarkets on Sundays and is now a Employment Team Leader for Whitelion
Ketsa Jerome

Posted 29.11.13

Who would have thought that that small boutique job that I thought was nothing would get to where I am today!
Vanessa Clemente

Posted 25.09.13

My frist "paid" job was as a check out chick at Franklins Fresh in airport west..
Maria Dimitriou

Posted 21.09.13

My first job was working as a charity tin shaker at intersections across Melbourne collecting donations for a charity.
Matt Pill

Posted 13.09.13

My First Job was the beginning of my journey to independence and becoming a "grown up".
Wendy  Evans

Posted 02.09.13

My first job shaped my whole life!
Yasir  Mahmud

Posted 28.08.13

Do one thing at a time and put your effort on to the thing you do---You will see at the end the outcome to be a positive one