Yasir 's Story: From Simple start to Impressive achievements

Yasir  Mahmud

Posted: 28.08.13

Yasir Mahmud

Current Employment: Senior Employment Advocate (SYC)

I came from a refugee back ground - a small country located in East Africa called Eritrea. Before the Airplane landed in Melbourne Australia, I put a vision...a set of goals that I wanted to achieve. These was to goals, one being to complete my Bachelor Degree level in Engineering and the other one was to help my parents back home so that they will have secured future.
I came on November 12, 1994; the next day, I went to VTAC and enrolled myself into Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering course at Victoria University of Technology in Fooscray, learnt five years before I completed the course, following the completion of my Master degree in Engineering.
I was also involved throughout my early time in Melbourne in a volunteer work mainly helping people from refugee background. I also mentored many youth - so that not to go into bad habits like drug, alcohol and gambling, instead to focus in their education so that they will have bright future. I worked about 14 different types of jobs - where my main target was to support may self financially and help my parents and sisters back home. I did work 12 years as a Taxi Driving in Melbourne where I learn patience and also improved my communication skills and the ability to deal with hard and challenge clients. I did work as a Pizza Delivery, as a technician, a cleaner, as a community guide, and many other type of job positions. Each and every step in my life, I tried my best to learn something new and that I believe shaped me at the end to be a better man.
Throughout the 18 years lived in Australia, I have achieved three Education Scholarships and three National Awards - most of my achievement was due to my passion and dedication to help others. I loved every minutes of my life here in Australia and I am now mentoring many young kids in my own spare time. Also as accredited trainer I teach children and also elderly people from African back ground people. Currently I am working as a Senior Employment Advocate working for Job Prospects - Services for Youth Council based in Epping Victoria. I brought all my parents to live with me here in Melbourne – also I have own house and married and have three beautiful young kids.
My advice to all young people, "Do one thing at a time and put your effort on to the thing you do---You will see at the end the outcome to be a positive one".