Wendy 's Story: I started my first job as a Nursing student

Wendy  Evans

Posted: 02.09.13

Wendy Evans

Current Employment: Health and Safety Advisor for SYC

I moved from home at 17 to live in the Nurses Home, starting my nursing training at Port Pirie Hospital. And what a shock it was for a country girl.! In my first week on the wards I was expected to shower elderly men and women - I had never even seen a naked person in the flesh, let alone touch one. !! Hospital training in those days was very strict - we were not allowed to sit around and chat to the patients, every bed overway table had to line up straight to each other and we had to stand everytime a Nuring Sister entered the room. But I know that that is where I learnt responsibility, accountability, determination and the people skills to get on with all types of people in the world - something that has never left me even when I have moved jobs and organizations.
My first job shaped my whole life!