Barbara Kingi

Posted: 08.08.13

Barbara Kingi

Current Employment: Community Liaison Coordinator

My first job ever was weeding tomatoe's during the school holdiays when I was 12 for $3.50 an hour but back in 1979, that was a lot of money. When I was 13, I learned the skill of working in the shearing sheds doing what they call now, a wool class handler and I continued to do field work and shearing shed work until I was 17, then I got my first real job in retail selling shoes and moved to the big city lights of Wellington, NZ. I started in the employment sector in 1998 and have never looked back since.

My parents always told me that to get what you want, you have to earn it and that's exactly what I did from a young age. This also taught me that with the right attitude, self motivation and the desire to get the things that I wanted, I had to be prepared to take jobs that I necessarily didn't like, but was willing to do them until I got the job that I desired.

In my current role, I meet many, many people, I am in and out of the office, I encourage, motivate and change people's lives by helping them overcome hurdles and gain sustainable employment and have been doing this type of work for the past 15 years. Very fulfilling and still enjoy it to this day.