Cassandra's Story: It's all about opportunities and what you make of them!

Cassandra Stringer

Posted: 14.08.13

Cassandra Stringer

Current Employment: Senior Recruitment Consultant

I moved to Adelaide from the Country when I was 16 and one of my priorities was to gain employment. I prepared my CV, printed off multiple copies and walked from door to door introducing myself asking for employment. A couple of weeks later I was asked to interview for a position with Crazy Prices (like Cheap as Chips) and was offered the position. I was over the moon!

Although I knew that retail was not what I wanted to do in my career after education, Crazy Prices taught me how to provide excellent customer service, working in high pressure environments, conflict resolution, and most importanly how to conduct myself in a business environment.

I have since realised that every opportunity that presents itself gives you the chance to learn life lessons that set you up for your chosen career. I have worked in many industries including Retail, Hospitality and Professional Firms and the life lessons I learnt in my first job such as customer service and working under pressure have been utilised in every job I have had and made me successful. It's not all about previous experience but the positive attitude you present. Grab opportunities and learn from them - that is the key!