Deleine 's Story: Mowing Lawns to Business Development

Deleine  Gavin-Cox

Posted: 08.08.13

Deleine Gavin-Cox

Current Employment: Business Development Consultant - Training Prospects

All I wanted was a pair of Doc Martins (expensive shoes back when I was 15) and my dad and mum said "well you are old enough to earn, so if you can make some money you buy anything you want" and thats where it all began. I remember thinking how am I going to get a job I have no experience? Instead of letting that get to me I approached my school Principal and offered to mow his lawns for $25 each time. It wasn't flash but I had experience as it was one of my regular chores. He agreed and not only was I able to purchase my Doc Martins but I had my first real job. From that experience I was able to create a resume with a reference and since then I have worked my way up using the skills I have learnt along the way to get where I am today. Turns out being able to sell my concept to my principal was the first of many sales pitches to come.