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SYC seeks an Australian Government commitment to halve youth unemployment by 2020, led by a dedicated Minister for Youth Employment.

The Minister for Youth Employment will establish youth policy as a priority at the federal level, linked strongly to the productivity agenda. Co-ordinating investment and the linking of the needs of young Australians across government, including leading the Office for Youth within the Department of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations (DEEWR), the Minister for Youth Employment will deliver five My First Job youth employment priorities:

1. Accepted definition of youth employment

Define and clearly communicate a widely accepted definition of youth unemployment, which includes recognition of underemployment. A greater understanding of the issue allows for a more considered approch in finding solutions.

2. Mandate My First Job targets within government

Mandate entry-level government positions for young people across departments and agencies – returning government to being a “skill developer” rather than a “skill buyer” – and incentivising state and territory governments to do the same.

3. First Job Seeker – Project Requirement

Mandate that Federal Government procurement guidelines include requirements to provide entry level positions in all appropriate government projects.

4. Appoint a Youth Ministerial Advisory Group with representatives from business, employers and community groups

Youth employment Summit

5. Federal Parliament Entry Level Positions

Build upon existing opportunities such as the Australian National Internship Program, hosted by the Australian National University.

Assign one entry-level position to each of the 150 members of the House of Representatives and 76 Senators.