Finding job vacancies

There are many different avenues for finding out about job vacancies and it’s important to utilise as many of them as possible when you’re on your job hunt.  

Jobs Boards

This includes classified advertising in newspapers (recruitment/jobs sections); online sites such as;, industry websites that might carry vacancies for member employers and, of course, employer websites that promote current job vacancies within the organisation.  It’s important to develop a list of sites and newspapers that you check daily while looking for work.

jobactive network

If you are registered with Centrelink as a job seeker, you will be referred to one or more jobactive providers.  Job Prospects is a division of SYC and is one jobactive provider in Australia.  Centrelink will refer you to those nearest your location.  You can also seek help from a jobactive provider without being registered with Centrelink, so it’s worthwhile being aware of who the providers are in your area.  jobactive providers are paid by the Government to place job seekers.  They have relationships with local employers and can assist with training and guidance to maximise your chances.

Personal contacts and networking – Friends and Family

While the actual percentage is debated, it is commonly accepted that a high percentage of jobs are not advertised or publicised.  This might range anywhere from 20 to 80%, but either way it means that using and developing personal contacts and networks to hear about jobs and to let them know you’re looking for one, is a valuable and important use of your time.  This can be aided by preparing your own profile on LinkedIn and using that network to find jobs and promote yourself to  people who work in organisations that you would like to work for.   Persistence and determination can and often does pay high dividends, so keep being proactive in approaching organisations and contacts.  You never know when your timing will be perfect.

Work experience and Volunteering

This is a great way to develop valuable experience and prove your worth as an employee.  It helps get your foot inside that door, so explore any opportunities in your chosen field or areas of interest for spending some time in unpaid work.  This is viewed as a very positive approach by prospective employers, and can provide you with useful contacts, insights and experience.


Once you’ve identified your preferred career path, joining associations that work in your desired industries can be a good way to build profile and connect with prospective employers.