Cover letter

If you are responding to a job advertisement from a newspaper or website, it is really important to include a cover letter with your resume. Not including a cover letter looks sloppy and this is an opportunity to offer more information about yourself than what you have provided in your resume.

An introductory cover letter to your resume for employment opportunities you are seeking where no job has been advertised, will add context for the employer and is also advisable.

What you say in your covering letter and how you say it, outlines your communication skills to the prospective employer, which is a fundamental requirement of the vast majority of jobs.

It is important to include the following elements within a cover letter:

  • Correctly addressed and formatted (see attached template as a guide)

  • The position which you are applying for, and where it was advertised

  • Why you are interested in the position

  • Outline what skills you can bring to the position

  • Outline your experiences which support your skills and application

  • Point out that you have included your resume as an attachment

  • State that you would like the opportunity to be interviewed for the position.

  • List your contact details.


  • Proof read, and ask someone else to also proof read both your cover letter and resume before submitting to an employer.

  • Keep a copy of the cover letter and resume you submit for future reference.

This sample cover letter is designed to show how a cover letter can be set out and approproiate content which can be included.