To present yourself with confidence and in a positive light, it is important that you are clear in your mind why you are there and what you would like to show to the interviewer(s). A prepared applicant will stand out positively when an employer is comparing applicants.

  • Read over the cover letter and resume which you submitted and consider all the relevant experience you have included. The interviewer is likely to ask you about it, and you can point out your strengths during the interview.

  • Research the business or organisation you are being interviewed by – is a good start.

  • Find out the intended interview format e.g. is it a group interview, who will be interviewing.

  • Be clear with the correct location and time of the interview so no mistake can be made.

  • Prior to the day of the interview, have the outfit you intend to wear, ready to go. In the main, you should wear universally accepted business attire e.g. black pants or mid-length skirt, jacket and white or similar shirt. This might not be necessary for all jobs – if you’re not sure – ask before the day of the interview.

  • Ensure you have reliable transport to get to the interview and ensure you arrive to the destination early – even you need to go for a walk around the block to utilise some time, this is better than being late.

  • On conclusion of your interview, you are invariably asked if you have any questions, and even if you are not, make sure you do ask some questions. Even if you don't think you do, ask some questions anyway. It shows you're interested and keen. 
  • Whilst preparing for the interview, also prepare some questions which you could ask e.g. will the position have targets to meet, and what are those targets? Will the successful applicant be given orientation and how long does the orientation last?

Good Luck!