A resumé is a written summary of your skills and experiences which you use to sell yourself to potential employers.

Many resumé advice columns in newspapers and on websites advise that the most commonly accepted resumé in Australia and internationally is reverse chronological experience, referring to the applicant's employment history, placing your most recent job at the top of your professional experience listings.

What do you do if you are yet to begin your professional experience, if you do not have an employment history?

It is still advisable to have a resumé even if you have no or little professional experience. A formal written document summarising you is an easy point of reference for a potential employer. Make the process of employing you easy!

In addition to providing your name and contact details, you need to focus on the strengths and experiences you have in those skills which are stereotypical of entry-level employment positions. This could include (but are not limited to):

  • Being a team player;

  • Ability to carry-out instructions and tasks;

  • Working to timeframes;

  • Being an organised and independent worker;

  • Ability to undertake multiple tasks and prioritise their importance;

  • Clear verbal and written skills;

We can all give examples of the experiences we have had utilising the above skills from our education and/or personal lives. Give examples of these experiences within your resumé.

It is perfectly acceptable for your resumé, particularly when you are looking for your first job, to be one page in length. As your experience grows, so too will your resumé.

This resumé template is designed to give you ideas and examples which you can use to adapt with your own details and experiences.